Funded programmes to build digital skills

Our large funded programmes offer free courses, events and multimedia resources to develop the skills of school leaders, teachers, students and the whole school community. Our current projects include BlendEd, which helps teachers, school leaders and other educators design effective teaching and learning that makes the most of digital technologies.

"CLC is the best technical and curriculum support team I have worked with in the 15 years I have been involved in education."

Deputy head and computing subject leader,
St Jude’s CofE Primary

Past projects

Digital Champions
Digital champions are the people who have the computer skills to support others to use all things digital, from mobile phones to internet forums. CLC created and ran a programme to help people in the London borough of Lambeth learn the digital skills they need to succeed in the modern technological age. CLC-trained digital champions team ran sessions in local libraries, job centres and children’s centres and, during 2016-17, delivered more than 950 training sessions.
Family Learning
Family Learning provides a place where learners can not only improve their digital skills but also devote time to thinking about how they engage with, play with and work with their children.The programme builds on existing strengths within the family, celebrates diversity and supports the learning and skills of both children and adult family members involved. CLC has a long history of supporting family learning in schools and children’s centres.

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