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Does your school need a sustained programme of curriculum and digital strategy support that underpins your development plan? Are you interested in ensuring technology is front and centre of your recovery curriculum? Do you need a computing curriculum reboot? Do you want to know how to make the most of all the positive digital developments that have happened at your school during the pandemic?

Get started with our computing and digital learning support package! It’s designed to help you with all aspects of your digital strategy, embedding computing across the curriculum and supporting every member of your school’s community.

Our digital learning support package covers the following:

Professional learning

Teacher professional development which puts digital at the heart of teaching and learning

Pupil workshops

Engaging, practical workshops for your class, in your school, at our Clapham centre online

Creative technology projects

Engaging, immersive educational experiences with corporate and cultural partners

Consultancy & advice

Get tailored support from our expert team of teachers and technologists

Technology loans

Kit for every classroom

Curriculum support:

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What our partner schools think of us

"The CLC’s provision of a joined-up technical and curriculum support service has become an integral part of everyday school life at Hillmead."

Deputy headteacher,
Hillmead Primary School

"Our staff, across the curriculum, have gained knowledge and expertise which has made their role easier in terms of time and technological strategies to enhance learning in their subject."

Deputy head and computing subject leader,
St Jude’s CofE Primary

"Children from Year 1 to Year 6 enjoy visiting the CLC for workshops, knowing that each time they visit is a new experience, a new challenge and will further their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum through a computer-based activity."

School Business Manager,
The Cathedral School of St Saviour and St Mary Overie

"What's so great about each activity... is that children are utilising and developing so many different skills, so there's a lot of problem-solving going on, children are learning new digital skills, and they are working in teams and pairs collaboratively. They are trying it out and seeing what happens and that is the essence of creativity and it's an essential skill for life."

Teacher attending The CLC's Tate Exchange project

"Their team are so knowledgeable and at the cutting edge of the world in which they work, and we feel secure in the knowledge that they are with us."

Deputy head and computing subject leader,
St Jude’s CofE Primary

"We’ve been working with a CLC support package for a couple of years now to develop the curriculum. It’s brilliant. It keeps me up to date with the latest technology and the pedagogy of how to teach these concepts to children."

Computing subject leader,
Oakfield Prep school

"The CLC always ensure the content of their CPD and workshops is current, engaging and robust; challenging the objectives of the National Curriculum and ensuring that we as teachers give children the experiences they deserve and the opportunity to become digital learners "

Computing subject leader,
Telferscot Primary School

"CPD offered is always of a high-quality and it always enhances the attendee’s ability to further their understanding or pedagogy of a subject or focus area. "

School Business Manager,
The Cathedral School of St Saviour and St Mary Overie

"Our work with the CLC [gives] all children an amazing technology experience through their exciting and engaging workshops."

Computing subject leader,
Telferscot Primary School

"Our children absolutely love attending workshops"

Deputy head and computing subject leader,
St Jude’s CofE Primary

"IBM's long-standing partnership with London CLC demonstrates the value that such a partnership can bring - to both partners and to our mutual stakeholders - teachers and their students. It's essential that such partnerships are based on mutual objectives: helping young people understand the impacts that technology is having on their lives, and that they have a growing awareness of both the opportunities and challenges that emerging technology presents - and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to address engage effectively. It is only through the partnership that IBM is able to realise those objectives."

Corporate citizenship manager,

"We got to do stuff that we can't normally do and this helps children follow their dreams"

Pupil attending The CLC's Tate Exchange project

"The CLC not only organises the visits but brings expertise and enthusiasm (in the form of Caitlin!) and exciting digital equipment (that the Garden Museum doesn’t possess). We hosted 15 classes in two weeks and the feedback from teachers was really positive. Children find the sessions engaging and exciting. They learn about the different ways in which you can look at nature and the equipment that can be used to help them see nature up close, in 3-D and virtually!"

The Garden Museum

"The Connected Learning Centre are an important and highly valued voice in our growing network of Associates at Tate Exchange. Their programming is always very considered, innovative, rigorous but most of all… fun"

Tate Exchange Programme Manager

"The London CLC [keeps] us on top of all the latest developments in technology which make our lives so much easier."

Rosendale Primary School

"You made computing relatable to everyone and the staff have been buzzing as a result of your ideas, tips and expertise."

Computing lead,
Clapham Manor Primary School

"Our children absolutely love using the latest hardware available to us through half-termly loans"

Deputy head and computing subject leader,
St Jude’s CofE Primary

"Having the expertise of Sarah Horrocks and Louise Wade and their confident specialist delivery. Their links with schools who are already using online tools and the timely nature of the course during lockdown supported me and inspired me enormously. I immediately shared with my Deputy Headteacher and SLT and with another Senior Leader in Lambeth who has shared with her Manager about the outstanding work that CLC does. "

Class teacher, Selhurst & Crosfield Nursery School Croydon

"Comfortable open discussion, led by the needs of those attending. Loads of useful resources available."

Computing subject leader,
St Leonard's C of E Primary

"I have had the best morning for ages -really stimulating and useful and it has reminded me how much I don't know and want to learn more about. Thank you so much."

Inclusion advisor (ex computing subject leader),
Croydon Local Authority

"It has given me teaching ideas to explore further and as a Head rather than Computing Lead (though I will be both for a while next year!) it is good it get some insight into the role of Computing Lead."

London Christian School

"CLC is the best technical and curriculum support team I have worked with in the 15 years I have been involved in education."

Deputy head and computing subject leader,
St Jude’s CofE Primary

"The CLC’s provision of a joined-up technical and curriculum support service has become an integral part of everyday school life at Hillmead. The CLC’s technicians have completely transformed the school’s infrastructure and we always have confidence that procurement advice is provided not only with independence and value for money in mind, but also primarily how the equipment can aid our delivery of the curriculum."

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