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City planning in Minecraft
City planning in Minecraft

In this session, the whole class will work collaboratively to design and build their own Minecraft city. Each child will be responsible for their own building and must consider culture, leisure, industry and environmental responsibility.

At the CLC
Full day

understand human geography including settlements and land use.

be confident and creative users of ICT. 

Design and technology:
research and develop design criteria to inform design.

Exploring London: past and present
Exploring London: past and present

Pupils will use Google tools including Maps, Earth and Street View to explore the location of their school from a range of perspectives, taking into account its physical and human geography and how it has changed over time. They will create a record of their investigation by saving pictures and typing text. This workshop can be adapted to suit a range of age groups and will include phase-appropriate curriculum content.

NB. only available in school to upper KS2 pupils

KS1, KS2
At the CLC or In school
Half day

collect, analyse, present and evaluate data and information.

interpret a range of sources, communicate in a variety of ways.

understand continuity and change, similarity and difference.

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